Background pic - leaving Eigg


Eigg on the Map

Zoom in on Eigg to see the route from the pier to the Glebe Barn



the glebe barn

To walk to the Glebe, take the road that follows the shore round the bay (with the beach on your right), pass a white cottage close to the road & carry on up the hill on the tarmac road. Keep on the tarmac road until you see a white church in the trees ahead of you and take the track on your right signed Glebe Barn. Follow the track through a gate in a stone wall, past the Old Manse and on about 200m to the Glebe (please close the gates after you). The entrance to the Glebe is around the back of the building.

When you arrive, you will see a whiteboard on the left after going through the inner door, which will say which room you are in. If we are not around when you arrive (we don't live at the Glebe ourselves) please sign yourself in on this board.